Founded in 2003 in Ankara, Işın Manufacturing, Lighting, Logistics, Food Ltd. Co. has become one of the leading brands of the sector by growing in a short time with its dynamic structure. The company, which has been operating with unconditional customer satisfaction principle since its establishment, has demonstrated that it deserves this satisfaction and trust with the unlimited effort that it shows in the production phase and after sales services.

Although  the main items of the product portfolio are lighting poles with polygonal and circular cross section, projector poles with protected stairs and portable ladders, projector poles with standard elevators and human elevators, stadium lighting poles, flagpoles with external and internal rope, elevated flagpoles, overhead pole posts, GSM poles, poles for city surveillance cameras, lightning rods, loudspeaker, camera poles, advertising columns any kind of special projects and production can also be realized depending on customer’s demand.

In line with the increase in demand for decorative poles, the company established Bofaş manufacturing company in 2007 and put into operation the leading electrostatic powder coating plant in Turkey. Thanks to these investments, Işın Lighting has become the leader of the sector in Turkey, with many alternatives such as decorative polygonal poles, pipe poles, decorative aluminum poles and stainless steel poles in addition to the standard polygonal poles, it offers the services of a modern urban architecture.


Işın Lighting has become a well-known brand not only in Turkey but also abroad because of the importance it gives to investments and exports. Our company is raising the flag of our country day by day with the exports to Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe. With its dynamic and innovative structure, the company is proud of making its name in a short time abroad as it is in the country.

What do we do?

In addition to lighting products, Işın Lighting, as one of the leading companies in its sector, serves in other branches of the sector when required.

  1. Lighting Poles

    It is possible to produce an unlimited number of designs in two main categories as Polygonal Cone Lighting Poles and   Circular conical Lighting Poles.

  2. Projector Poles

    It is possible to produce various designs in 2 main categories as Projector Poles with Elevator and Projector Poles without Elevator according to customer’s demand.

  3. Camera Poles

    Camera Poles can be produced with portable ladders, with protection stairs or without ladders. Optionally they can be produced with a platform.

  4. Flagpoles

    Flagpoles are designed according to customer demand and are produced at desired height.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to be a company creating value for our employees and customers as a first choice of customers with our products, solutions, reliability and high business ethics. In bringing its products to the customers Işın Lighting prioritized;

  • Providing efficient and effective transportation
  • Creating additional revenue-generating services
  • Providing professional service quality and to make all necessary concessions to accomplish this notion.

We are aiming to carry the enlightenment to future days with the vision of being a worldwide business partner our customers that is trusted and admired with enthusiasm and respect.