The best solution to protect the steel materials against corrosion is coating it with the hot-dip galvanizing method. Steel materials are corroded by losing their physical, chemical, electrical and other characteristics affecting from the atmospheric conditions where they are. Rusting is not only a visual defect but also alchemical reaction which negatively affects the metal. Therefore, the surface of steel structures should be treated with protective methods to get rid of the corrosive effects of the environment, Some examples of protective methods are painting or coating with plastics, nickel, chrome, copper and zinc. Among all the methods, hot-dip galvanizing is the most reliable and long lasting coating method. Hot-dip galvanizing features following advantages against other surface treatment methods:

– Buildup of a thick, penetrating and homogenous surface film.

– The critical spots like interiors, sharp edges, cutting edges, hole surfaces, cavities and other surfaces that are difficult or impossible to approach with other methods can be coated.

– All other methods are sensitive to surface damage like minor scratches as corrosion will start from these areas and will peel away the surface film. However, hot-dip galvanizing is resistant to scratching and has “self healing properties. These properties can be summarized as “cathodic protection” Hot-dip galvanized surfaces are resistant agains shocks and blows. The reason is that, Zinc forms a metallurgical bond with the ferrous substrate and the alloy formed at the surface will increase the surface resistance against external influences.

– Within all surface treatment films, galvanizing is the most long lasting treatment and does not require any maintenance.

Hot-dip galvanizing is an economical treatment of ferrous metals. Işın Aydınlatma products are galvanized according to TS 914-ENISO 1461 standards.